Monday, January 23, 2006

Dear leon256,
Unfortunately, you did not win this item. Find other items on eBay that interest you:

Unpleasant Memory Colitis Objet d'Art Utah Martha
Sale price: $1.75
Your maximum bid: $1.50
Item number: 6597825552
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Man so I didn't win Chris Goodwin's Objet d'Art auction. Could've been the a good add to my cheapskate collection of DC artists. Just look at those rusttt stains. Terrible story behind it too.

Tomorrow I will post on the awesome weekend with reviews of Fusebox and Georgetown Fraser's final shows. Some fun Sam Gilliam, Warhol, and Family Day at the Corcoran. Nellie Mckay at Alexandria's Birchmere.

Catriona Fraser recalling Andrew Wodzianski's reaction to a scathing review of his fantastical paintings:

"Caaaaate? Should I kill myself now or what?"


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