Sunday, January 15, 2006

Trash it, Buy it, Work it, Mix it---life after the Whitney Biennial

So after reading this post by blogger Martin Bromski I'm wondering about the permanance of what artists are doing. Having your art found at Richmond's Diversity Thrift or a buyer watching your IRIS print fading in 50 years is going to catch up with us. A couple years ago James Huckenpahler had our class read an article by DJ Spooky--whose writing is arguably better than his music--about the dissappearing nature of information. Ink based CD-r's six years, inkjet prints from 2 to 50 years, and so on. It's unavoidable that we fade out. From printed page to blank page or from Biennial to bargin bin.

The resulting discussion on DC art news got me thinking of dumpster diving for prints at St. Mary's . Second in popularity only to Wendy's Airtran Dumpster Diving, the prankster art students rummage and salvage Colby Caldwell's in need of some Hue adjust, most ripped in half. Everyonce in a while, Colby forgets to destroy and you get your own how to survive your own death in full.

Last summer, I rumaged to find I picked up a fig (11) and this unknown Huckenpahler test print.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish i had gotten one with the face... you know he's photographing some girl that was in my intro class? erica and i are livid and pretending not to be jealous. although i'm not pretending. oh, and i'm bringing my holga.

8:14 PM, January 17, 2006  

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