Thursday, January 05, 2006


Today I applied for a post at NPR and internship at the Arlington Arts Center. Thanks to Christina at DC Arts Jobs for the AAC link!

I've gotten a bit faster at writing a cover letter but one thing still bothers me--to what degree, if any, do you let on that you're a practicing artist when you're applying to a job in the arts? A couple of friends have looked at my resume and said it doesn't show the art stuff and then it's like well that's in the CV, and then it's what is a CV, yada yada . . . .Any thoughts.

Edit: Got an actual response from a Herndon graphic design position. Like an echo in a void.


Blogger Christina said...

You're very welcome!

My advice regarding your cover letter would be to indicate that you are yourself an artist in the context of how that's relevant to the job---i.e. "as a practicing artist, I have a deep and long-standing commitment to the arts." Especially for jobs where the post indicates knowledge/interest in the arts as a positive factor. Just make it clear that your status as an artist makes you a better publicist/ tour guide/ fundraiser/ whatever, and NOT that you view the job as a "day job." Many many of my administrative colleagues (and I) have side projects in artistic pursuits, and we look for others that do as well. It's a way of indicating that you are committed to the mission of promoting the arts.

2:28 PM, January 10, 2006  

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