Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dumpster Diving for Art Part II

Had my interview at the Phillips Collection today for a Museum Assistant position. Went well, interviewer Tim Wallace let on that there were 80 current Assistants and they were looking to hire 80 more by the opening of the Degas, Sickert, Lautrec exhibition and new wing expansion. Wallace seemed like legit himself as an artist working in ceramic and adjunct teaching at the Corcoran. I find out on Monday.

I was mulling over the whole dumpster diving for art at st.mary's college with (muchmoreardentthanI) blogger and SMC third-year Elizabeth Van Fleet who snagged a huge version of Caldwell's how to survive your own death. The piece has been hanging (90 clockwise) out in her campus apartment and may or may not have a large wall clock over it.

This could be a really cool way to desseminate art. Lester Van Winkle's on to it. Richmond's ahead, forget about the shame of seeing your work in the trash or local Goodwill. Own it. Free space. I vow to put a work in the trash and sneak one in to a thrift store. If every DC artist did this we'd have some real circulation and confuse the poo out of Blake Barely Gopnik.

Thanks to Lenny Campello at DC Art News for the nod. Respeeeeeeect!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who did you have to pay to be first on the dc art news artist sidebar? oh... right. the alphabet.

you'll get the job. or a job. do you need a haircut, though? it might help.

9:29 PM, January 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: leaving your art in stores for consumption via the mitch hedberg joke.
"the only way i could get my old cd in stores if i could take one in and leave it. 'sir, you forgot this.' 'no, i did not. it is for SALE. please alphabetize it"

1:25 AM, January 18, 2006  

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