Saturday, January 07, 2006


During First Fridays last night I took the rounds to Irvine Contemporary and the Washington Printmakers Gallery. Irvine looked good with Brooklyn's Bede Murphy and native Jason Zimmerman. The latter's first photography show jumped on the thematic alienation of his Fair Game at Transformer last year.

I breezed through the printmakers show. I can't write anything here that would be insightful--the whole time I was thinking about the Irvine show. So I went back.

And more work had made it to the floor. Recent Acquisitions of painter Teo Gonzalez were propped in the gallery's last room, sitting below the Zimmerman's. Associate Director Heather Russell must have seen my jaw dropped state and asked if I had any questions.

Of course. I had questions.

She led me through his LeWitt like process--a simple grid dripped with enamel in each square. Gonzalez's hand appears in a way that isn't visible in reproductions linked above. You have to see it.

And the best part is you'll be able to, when Irvine hosts a solo show later this fall. It's a long wait and it's worth it. This is the most excited I've been about a painters work in a while.

Earlier in the day I had good news from JT Kirkland that I'd be included in the Artists Interview Artists Project.

On downside of Friday is the closing of Fusebox with Sarah Finlay and Patrick Murcia moving out to San Francisco and leaving a huge question mark on 14 th street. I'm kicking myself for being out of town for today's openning. Seems like it could be an opportunity for Fraser or some local big names to step up. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .... .. . .. . . ahem. caroltrawick. what?


Anonymous J.T. Kirkland said...

You're welcome Adrian!

Glad you found Teo's work. I've exchanged several emails with him and he's an interesting character for sure. His work rocks though, no doubt about it.

Irvine is doing big things with an eye on a national identity. I predict he takes the Fusebox space. It'll be a huge opportunity for them, I think, as their current space is tough on art. We'll see!

Good luck on the job hunt!

10:59 PM, January 10, 2006  

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