Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Eat tail--in the greek sense--no not that greek sense

In a LAT magazine article from December 11th Peter Gilstrap writes a pretty fine article on "postmodern-porn" auteur Eon McKai--yeah he's named after the punk:
"He's taking a story and jumping around. It's like experimental filmmakers in art school, but he's doing it with sex.' He hires local fringe talent as costumers and art directors, among them wheat-paste poster artist Buff Monster and documentary filmmaker Margie Schnibbe. His soundtracks feature IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) bands such as Terminal 11, Gang Lu, Libythth and 104. He mixes film textures. Grainy, not grainy. Color, black-and-white. Lighting that swings from stark to shadows. He cuts away to faked TV-screen footage of iconic imagery such as people destroying television sets and stamping on pocket calculators. Dorothy's ruby slippers make an appearance."
This all reminds of the best definition of porn I've heard to date, which came from Brian Kreydatus (at right), who said porn is "anything for porn's sake alone" (he was talking about paintings of SPAM cans too, packed meat pornz). Wellllllll, you can't define something so smoothly with the word in the definition but it works: porn has the fun oroborus effect of being so much for itself that it references and consumes itself. You get it in the incestuous west LA porn industry, the rerun dialogue and scenarios.

So this stops me because alt-porn, in trying to do something outside of porn just becomes that: not porn. That this guy has his masters from CalArts and teaches at an unnamed summer school puts it in another category---art.

A Samantha Wolov collaboration is on its way no doubt. her blog


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