Thursday, February 09, 2006

SUNDAY (repeated thrice with increasing emphasis & amplitude)

The Neptune Gallery will host the opening of Cupidity this Sunday the 12th from 4-8 pm. Come by to see Warren Craghead, Alexandra Silverthorne, Frank Warren and others before you head out to

The last Who Do You Love panel at DCAC (scrollldown), hosted by Ian Jehle. Installation and site-specific artists Mary Coble, Jamye McLellan, and Ira Tattelman discuss their influences and:

"Who's your great grand daddy?" - artistic lineage: personal and public
"Within these hallowed halls" - public museums as the apex of the art venue pyramid
"Raphael is my copilot" - technique, refinement and presentation vis-a-vis the Old Masters "The boys and girls of spring" - the influence of major collectors
"What's not to love" - gaps in the DC artistic paean
"And now ..." - where does individual practice and our local art scene intersect the contemporary art world?

SUPER SECRET_ wewillbreakyourskinnylegsman_EDIT:

Craghead cupidity installation preview

SUPER SECRET_ceaseanddecistedition_EDIT: thanks for the food Carol, James, and James!


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