Monday, February 06, 2006

when you gotta pee, you dada pee

When the dada exhibit opens up next week at the NGA, be sure to give James Bailey's Piss challenge a try! Bonus for women!

From Black Cat Bone:
"It should be news to everyone who sees it: It turns out there's much more there than toilet humor." - Blake Gopnik.

Now just hold on a minute there, Blake! Let's don't be so quick to dismiss the potty jokes when it comes to Duchamp!

Black Cat Bone Global Media Empire
is proud to sponsor
The 1st Annual Black Cat Bone Duchamp Pee Pot Contest
(an Evil Digital Photography public art project)

Here's how it works:
Simply submit a time/date-stamped digital photograph (jpg format only, please) of yourself whizzing in the pot! The first certified photograph that is received by management at Black Cat Bone will receive a $25 Starbucks gift certificate card and a $25 gift certificate from the National Gallery gift store.
Plus, the first five submitted urine sample images will be published on Black Cat Bone, thus solidifying your esteemed place in contemporary postmodern art history!
Management at Black Cat Bone recognizes the fact that the challenge to piss in a standing pot is greater for women than for men. Therefore, if a woman submits the first digital image of herself climbing on board the fountain, Black Cat Bone is prepared to offer a $50 Starbucks gift certificate, a $50 National Gallery gift store certificate and a free one month's supply of any feminine hygiene product of your choice.
"When you gotta pee, you dada pee!"


Blogger ebeth said...

aim for the virgin mary's head!

7:25 PM, February 06, 2006  
Anonymous James H. said...

Eno claims to have done so in the mid-90's:

"I've always wanted to urinate on that piece of art, to leave my small mark on art history. I thought this might be my last chance -- for each time it was shown it was more heavily defended. At MoMA it was being shown behind glass, in a large display case. There was, however, a narrow slit between the two front sheets of glass. It was about three-sixteenths of an inch wide.

I went to the plumber's on the corner and obtained a couple of feet of clear plastic tubing of that thickness, along with a similar length of galvanized wire. Back in my hotel room, I inserted the wire down the tubing to stiffen it. Then I urinated into the sink and, using the tube as a pipette, managed to fill it with urine. I then inserted the whole apparatus down my trouser-leg and returned to the museum, keeping my thumb over the top end so as to ensure that the urine stayed in the tube.

At the museum, I positioned myself before the display case, concentrating intensely on its contents. There was a guard standing behind me and about 12 feet away. I opened my fly and slipped out the tube, feeding it carefully through the slot in the glass. It was a perfect fit, and slid in quite easily until its end was poised above the famous john. I released my thumb, and a small but distinct trickle of my urine splashed on to the work of art."

8:01 AM, February 07, 2006  

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