Friday, February 03, 2006

no way was i snoring

EDIT: blogger. its down all the time. anyone got a better idea?

Went to the Corcoran for the WPA/C Auction preview last night. DC Art News breaks down the structure and who's who well here, so I wont bother.

After a nice little disrespectful nap in the Armand Hammer Auditorium, I woke to listen to the curators of the auction. I didn't think anyone noticed, someone did. Kendall Buster from VCU was hilarious and insightfull, though I did not get this bizarre selection. I headed upstairs to see the art. (This was a novelty, because most were talking not looking). Ran in to Lenny Campello who told a cool parable of an intern turned assistant director after a quick eight months at the Hirshhorn. Campello who introduced me to JT from thinking about art. Jt and I trash talked and shared favorites:

Colby Caldwell - the sea picture (2) : ah yes, of course. JT places emphasis on this. Had a great quote from curator Phillip Brookman who liked to imagine that the center figure was the lockness monster. This was reiterated by a young collector who came by, glanced, and told his dad "he wanted it."

Noelle Tan - Untitled #11 : This photograph is unreproducible here. Yeah, there it is above, but it's tonal range is masterful and has to be seen. I think of it this way; step in to a room with indescernable light. Slowly, your eyes adjust to reveal detail. This happens in Tan's photograph--at first look, 10 percent of the frame is black. It all comes in to view in thirty seconds, as if the photograph is developing itself before you.

Teo Gonzalez, Untitled (10,000 black in red direct 100 gauge) - Saw some of these at Irvine and can't wait to see more this in September at his solo show. Woot!


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Good picks, by the way. I'll share some of my favorites on Monday.

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