Friday, February 17, 2006

Living in Japan

Saw Hiroshi Sugimoto talk at the Hirshhorn last night. Having last shown his sea scapes at the Hirshhorn he returns with a full blown 30 year retrospective. He plays the faux egomaniacal photographer beautifully:

"Vermeer lied. Don't trust painters, only trust photographers."

get the hirshhorn podcast of his talk here

And get ready to wait in line for the upcoming Hiraki Sawa talk (Ring Auditorium, Thursday, March 2nd, 7pm). His fun black and white videos of magic toy planes and trotting coffee cups are in the Hirshhorn black box through March. Beauty and the Beast walking saucers served high art style.

And Hirshhorn: if you're going to cut off the public to see these excellent talks, try giving up the reserved seats when the gentry doesn't show up, huh?

EDIT: download this horrible incredible song by Fun Fun. yep, Fun Fun
Living in Japan - Fun Fun


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thanks for the podcast link.

4:39 PM, February 17, 2006  

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