Friday, June 30, 2006

Nepopolitan Ice Cream

Andy Moon Wilson (or as he's known on the blog circuit, AM-dub) sicks the ol' tongue on Jessica Dawson's review in this Grammar.police comments thread. Dawson threw the nepotism word around--Jiha Moon is his wife and the shows curator.

I'm getting pretty irritated about this whole nepotism thing. This was not a juried show, this was not a show where there was a call for entries or an application fee. This was a proposed show, curated around a common undercurrent that Jiha noticed running through some of the art she had been looking at. She wrote up a proposal and submitted it to the MPA, which was reviewed and deemed interesting enough to show.

Jiha does not work for the MPA, she is not a member of the board and neither am I. Neither of us has any ties to the organization. So Jiha is in no position of power with regards to what is being exhibited at the MPA. The show was accepted based upon the strength of the proposal, which my slides were a part of. No effort has ever been made to conceal the fact that Jiha and I are married. The idea that this might be a problem for some people never occurred to us.

I am a professional artist with an MFA, gallery representation and an extensive exhibition record, not some hobby painter who has never shown his work before. That my work is being summarily dismissed as part of this show simply because I am married to the person who submitted the proposal seems ridiculous.

My work should be evaluated based upon its quality and how it contributes to the dialogue of the exhibition. I accept any well argued criticism based upon the work itself, but this accusation of nepotism is stupid, unfounded, gossipy bullshit.

My advice to people is to go look at the show or shut the fuck up.

Word. We love your drawings, not the vitriol.


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