Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Damn (cont'd)

Heather clarifies JT on Irvine's representation in the Trawick prize:
To correct JT-We do NOT represent 40 artists at all, the artists listed on our web are all that have work in our inventory or have shown in the past, including group shows up at present. We formally represent only 15 artists, so I think 3 out of 15 as Trawick finalists is pretty good, two of which (Mellor and Zimmerman) have had solos with us in the past 6 months. For a program re-developed in one year, I feel truly honored and most of all thrilled for Suzanna, Rob and Jason!! Great luck to all the finalists...


Anonymous J.T. Kirkland said...

My reply:

I stated "almost" 40 artists. On the "Artists" page of the Irvine Web site, under the heading "Artists" are the names of 35 artists. I incorrectly assumed that meant that Irvine represented 35 artists.

My apologies to Heather and Martin for misrepresenting things. I do find that heading a bit confusing though as I have always assumed that listed artists were all represented. I would think then that there would be 15 artists listed under "Artists" and then the other 20 would be moved over below the pre-existing heading of "Inventory" as Heather states.

My apologies again. Congrats to the gallery and the selected artists for the great recognition.

9:42 PM, June 27, 2006  

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