Wednesday, March 29, 2006

next they better play the OC

videohippos, a MICA based band and art something, will be performing at the Kathryn Cornelius curated Experimental Media Series at the Corcoran. They sounded racous at Jason Balicki's Barn Barnacle, arriving in a homemade tank, and I can't fathom what's gonna happen at the Hammer Auditorium. Eyes and Ears bleed at 7pm sharp.

Also appearing: Rob Parrish, Champ Taylor of Decatur Blue, Jose Ruiz, Jason Zimmerman, and notorius grave chizzler Noah Angel among others.

NEWS wise, Matt Sargent, Chris Kallmyer, and myself will be putting on a one day show at James Alefantis owned Strand on Volta gallery this summer. We don't have a date yet, but the huge metal sheets cut to make one note alone? We've got those.


Anonymous Linda Hesh said...

Dear Adrian, I am friends with Rob Parrish and he asked me if I knew you. I don't think we've met, but something about your comment on the video he did with me on his site made him think that. In it, I was telling a story about a bathroom incident which amused you. Anyway, you might also be amused by my art. I have a piece in the "other than art" show at G Fine Art curated by Milena Kalinovska. Up until April 29th- the show is also at Curator's office and Provisions Library. I have one piece- some canvas bags. I also have a website but the images on it are a few years old. I found that when I had really new work on the site, gallerists weren't interested in showing it.

12:05 PM, March 31, 2006  

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