Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Breach pt. 2 or, listening to "nobody"

Points from various Anonymous Folk in response to Friday's deathmatch, secret gmails from secret gmen;

-In one show alone, a young but PROMINENT Geogetown gallery was visited by olga viso, ned rifkin, kristin heilman, olga hirshhorn, the renwick curators, paul roth, blake gopnik, binstock, paul roth, david levy, o'sullivan, j.dawson, and tyler greene.
-The Corcoran just displayed local artist Sam Gilliam and is in the process of acquiring works by at least one other DC artist.
-Hirshhorn recently hosted the Directions show of a DC artist, bought at least two pieces from at least two local artists in the last 12 months, and have had on view works by Andrea Way, Dan Steinhilber, Maggie Michael.
-The NGA is not primarily a contemporary-art collecting institution, let alone a local institution, so it's unfair to include that organization.

One DC artist described the relationship between curators and artists as symbiotic. In her own give and take, she had given (a lot) of money to the Corcoran to help hang a Joseph Mills show and contributed food, booze, and money on many occaisions. She also noted that you used to have to be dead for two generations to get in to museums and that has changed.

For the Better.

You guys out there want to attack this, go ahead.


Anonymous S.W. said...

when was maggie michael at the Hirsh of Horn? I think that her hubby Dan was, but not Maggie? Is the prominent Georgetown gallery owned by a prominent businessman who contributes a lot to the museums? Only ones I can think of are Volta, Fraser or Ralls?

2:51 PM, March 22, 2006  

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