Thursday, March 02, 2006

Consider Yourself, _______, Served.

Just back from the Hiraki Sawa talk tonight. It grandly expanded on his works in the Hirshhorn's new Black Box gallery. The kid seems to go against every artistic "how to" and still create some of the best video and sculptural work that's going on.
  • no sketch book
  • "(the videos) are real and if I make it too real than I make it fake." Woot on summing up conceptualism's fell of representation. In what, a sentence?!
  • "The washing machine... it has some kind of drama inside its...cycle; washing hard, spinning dry, tumbling, it's really."
  • Quoting Kobo Abe, "If you want to truly travel you should just stare at your wall and wait."
Transformer Board head Brigitte Reyes was there and she's at least a year older than one or two of you. Shame on ya'll cause even Tyler was there. Sure you can download the podcast tomorrow, but you'll cringe during the multiple 8 minute pauses where he shows the 1/3 capacity audience work not in the Black Box, one never seen before, and one preview from his upcoming James Cohan Gallery show.


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Why didn't you introduce yourself?

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