Tuesday, April 18, 2006

who's that good looking fellow in the mirror

Shit, It's Lacan Tuesday!

Start with some Dan Graham from the Walker
Two-way Mirror Punched Steel Hedge Labyrinth
, 1994-1996

stainless steel, glass, arborvitae
508 x 206 5/16 x 90 in. overall
Gift of Judy and Kenneth Dayton, 1996

Since the mid-1960s, conceptual artist Dan Graham has been investigating how spaces affect human behavior, how art and audiences are connected, and how works of art are linked to their physical, social, and economic contexts. His works have included color photographs of suburban tract homes; interactive perfor-mances, films, and video installations; and glass and mirror pavilions, which he has been making for more than twenty years. For the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden he has created a large geometric maze with walls that provide both transparent and reflective surfaces. As we interact with the sculpture we both see and are seen, view the surrounding environment and our own reflections. The piece conjures up questions about inside and outside, about public and private spaces, and--as the reflective surfaces respond to the motion of clouds and sun--about nature and culture.

THEN Reading Images with Lacan

And finally, last night's Super Nanny: in which, the british lady instructs the parents of some brats through an exersize of scolding your children while staring in to the mirror. In this way you can see yourself exactly how your kid sees you.


Blogger ebeth said...

hahah "VERY CRAZY LACAN!" dead at 80.

this, for obvious reasons, is my favorite post yet.

12:34 PM, April 18, 2006  

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